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Young archaeologist, boys playing in the street, boys and their dog, playing in the gutters

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Stowaway by terie keel,whimsical,teriesimaginarium, stowaway, pirate ship, parrot, airballoon, jetty, Ship, old luggage, monkey, little giril, anchor, ship deck, wine barrels, fantasy, luggage lables, brandon gallery, Fallbrook, California
Eva,portriat, portiriat of a girl, she stole the flowers and spiled the vase, comissioned work fro client in Bel Air Ca. colored pencil on hard bord By Terie Keel, teries imaginarium December 30, 2015
 terie's imaginarium, Wimsical,surreal artist, fantasy, surreal, Christopher, an eight year old boy goes into the woods, finds a wood creature. finds his home, under an old oak tree, the door is blue, the only whitness is a snail, hiding in the leavs. it is almost fall, the leaves on the ground are orange, red, yellow, the light comes into the forest, maybe this is the way

Terie’s Imaginarium is the place to go for custom artwork.

Mys Terie is a portrait artist with a twist. She takes the mundane family portrait

Adds her magic and transforms the entire scene into a world of pure imagination.

Her work reanimates the whole portrait painting genre forming a bridge to the present

 with fresh insight and imagery.

Close pets and family members are reinterpreted in lush and magical environments

inhabited by figures of folklore, forming the nexus between reality and fantasy.

      Then with meticulous attention to detail, she incorporates personal elements or heirlooms

Achieving a timeless work of art for everyone to enjoy


Come visit me where things are always fluid and ever-changing

Terie's Imaginarium



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Draw what you see, even if it doesn't seem right.

Because when you step back it is the small imperfections that make a piece perfect.

Terie Keel

With a bit of surreal and a whole lot of color, Terie creates stunning art, 

 Capturing breathtaking moments in our imagination.

“There is a lot to grab on to out there;

I say grab as much as you can and

have the ride of your life."

Terie Keel art and paintings, steampunk, surreal,

 In the short period, since coming out in 2016, she has become an award-winning artist.

2020 CPSA “28th Annual International Exhibition” Tampa Bay FL

2019 San Diego County Fair “Fine Art Exhibition” S.D. CA

2018 San Diego Art Institute “C-Note Juried Art Sale” S.D. CA

2017 Ashton Gallery 30th St. “Orange the New Black” S.D. CA

2017 San Diego County Fair “Small Works” S.D. CA

2017 San Diego County Fair “Fine Art Exhibition” S.D. CA

2017 Fallbrook Avocado Festival “Art of the Avocado” Fallbrook CA

2016 S.D County Archaeological Society “Celebrating the Art in Archaeology” S.D. CA

Member of: Colored Pencil  Society of America. SD Visual Arts Network. California Center for the Arts.

Surreal portraits 


Unique signs

cosplay design 


"  What are we but a compiled archive of experiences and emotions.

Lets us share ourselves with art and rekindle what makes us human."

Terie Keel


P.O.Box 657

Julian Ca. 92036
    Email: teriekeel@gmail.com
         Phone: 808-342-3775


My world is full of color,

I can not imagine it any other way.

Terie Keel

Walking on the moon. will get back to you asap

About the Artist


Humble beginnings.

A used magazine, "The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross," drew her to the world of art. Terie is the fourth child of nine and grew up with her family in the southern San Joaquin valley as an agriculture migrant worker.  Although she tried very hard working the fields, all she really wanted to do was draw the landscape she saw around her. Her parents thought art was a waste of time; instead, they pushed her towards learning "something useful."  That did not stop her; She was persistent and at the age of 10 her parents purchased her first set of art materials for her birthday.

Trying to be an artist around six brothers and two sisters was not an easy task. Terie describes a time in her childhood when having no easel, she was drying a painting on her bed when one of her brothers unexpectedly rushes in, sits on the bed and leans back on the painting. Although she was upset, she joined in as the whole family laughed at the perfect copy of the painting on her brother’s white shirt. At the age of 12, she won her first Art Contest at the Regional Level. She did art at every opportunity, becoming her Art teacher’s favorite student in junior High. In 1980 she moved to San Francisco.

While in College she managed to sneaked into advanced Art classes.


In 2005, she quit her nine to five and began to pick up commission work in the back country of San Diego. In Ramona, she created Murals for Schwaesdall Winery and wine labels for Eagle's Nest. In Santa Ysabel, she gave Dudley's Bakery a face lift with new signage. If you have been to Don's Market, you can find your way with her floor to ceiling area map right outside the store and her area map across the way at Red Hawk Realty. In Julian, her mural on the side of the barn at The Farmhouse Inn welcomes you with an old-style apple label.

In 2012 life took a turn and she went on a walkabout, four years through the South West and Hawaii. With no surprise, ending right back in San Diego. Now with all those experiences whirling in her head, the determination to think, breath and be Art, she invites you to join her in her world of pure imagination.




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